Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A Paris Year by Janice MacLeod

After the first 10 pages or so of A Paris Year I pretty much decided that I wasn't going to post about this book.  The book at that point felt a bit kitsch.  But as I went on the book drew me in.

The author is also the illustrator and photographer Рthe book is very pretty indeed. But it also ends up catching the essence of Paris without being too clich̩'d.

The book has a lot of sly wit – the pages on Versailles had me in stitches.

There has been some criticism of some typo's and grammatical errors but that didn't worry me – the typeface and approach is meant to be like a personal journal – and whose personal journal is perfect?

I have also posted about the author's book - Paris Letters

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

So many well meaning people out there.... but some don't have a clue

Eggplant Croquettes - A Return Visit

Carole's Chatter: Eggplant Croquettes - A Return Visit

I have not had much joy with cooking eggplant (aubergine). 

I made these Eggplant Croquettes having been inspired to do so by The Untamed Cook.  They were successful – the better half ate them – but for me they were still a little bit eggplanty ( I know that's not a proper word).  Next time I would add more potato and cheese.

To make them, I first charred 2 eggplants directly on the gas flame.  When they were pretty black I popped them into a bowl and covered it with cling film and let them cool for a while.  I then took off the skin with my fingers – not worrying too much if some little bits stayed on.

Then I mashed them and drained them of water by pressing down on them in a sieve.  I let them sit for about half an hour to drain.

To the eggplant I added, 1 medium potato (cooked & smushed), 1 small egg (beaten), 2 handfuls of grated cheese, salt and pepper – then mix it up and give it a bit of a whizz up with a stick blender or food processor.  Then add about a cup of breadcrumbs bit by bit until the mixture is firm enough to hold its shape.

Form into croquette shapes and then coat in breadcrumbs.

Rest your croquettes for at least half an hour in the fridge.  When ready, just shallow fry them until they are golden.  You could deep fry them as well.